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Submission Guidelines

Hey creators, it's your pal, Ian here. This is my small press and independent company, and I currently only publish a few books per year. I have dreams of expanding in 2024 after our first Kickstarter in November (UNDERSEA HERO!), and I hope you'll help us with that. 

I do occasionally hire folks to help me or to do something cool for a current project.

I can't promise anything except that I will respond to all of the inquiries and portfolios sent. It may take some time, so please be patient.

Please note, no images or works made using prompt-based image generators (commonly referred to as "AI ART") will be considered. 

Here are some spots you can send samples for:


Covers and Pinups

This is the easiest way to hop onto a book. I love well-drawn comic art, but I encourage and love non-traditional comic art. I love paintings, sculpture, mixed media--unique and engaging art. Send a link to 3-5 samples of your work, your rates, and a link to an overall website or portfolio for consideration. 

Backup Stories

For both Undersea Hero and The Axe of Hellena, I love publishing short stories in the back. I also want to publish exclusive stores on the website. Send a link to one finished story of any length or 3-5 consecutive sample pages, your page rates, and a link to your main portfolio. 


Video Content Editing

I do Live Drawing streams every Wednesday at 8:00 PM EST. I try to make a timelapse video of each one, but I just don't have the time. I need someone to do that, and perhaps other editing of filmed Comic Con panels, cut clips, etc. Send a link to your portfolio and basic rates (hourly, per project, etc.) 


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