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Meet the characters and universe of UNDERSEA HERO! It's the NEW comic book from Ian Chase Nichols (The Tick, IRONFACE, TMNT)!

Issue Zero is making its debut at SAN DIEGO COMIC CON 2023 at Booth 2200 - July 19th-22nd

The complete first book will be on #kickstarter THIS NOVEMBER!

Licensed Music:

Hawaiian-Conquistador - Adobe Asset ID: 331391358

Licensed Stock Videos:

Wave - Adobe Asset ID: 286018530

Hermit Crab - Adobe Asset ID: 509972387

Copyright © 2023 Ian Chase Nichols

1 Comment

Ed McKeogh
Ed McKeogh
Jun 23, 2023

Please tell me you have a mailing list, because I need to be on your mailing list! --Ed

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